***NVD being celebrated in District Samba on 25 Jan 2016 at Degree College Samba.*** Section 144 Imposed in District Samba in View of Independence Day.***Construction of Boundary Wall at Village Bari Stopped.***
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About Samba

It is said that Samba was principally established somewhere in 1400 A.D. As per folklore, Malh Dev, the younger son of Rai Saidu of Lakhanpur was the founder of Samba, who married into the family of Ghotar a local tribesman. After his marriage he stayed at Samba and made himself the master of the tract with Samba as its capital. Samba ultimately came under the supremacy of Jammu, during the period of Hari Dev in 1816 A.D. In 1822, Suchet Singh younger brother of Raja Gulab Singh ..more


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